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Management Reports
Creativity and innovation are always present in our solution for Management Reporting.

The Management Reports was developed in order to fully process the data from the carriers' billing systems, providing timely information essential to understanding the billing cycle, financial analysis, provisioning of the unbilled and billed data, and other vital data.

Designed to offer the widest possible range of quality information to assess the business environment, the system developed by VSB is the biggest ally of business intelligence in the company. At the end of the process, the company has at its disposal management data related to revenues, ranging from critical information and registration of invoices to the map tariffs. Thus, it is able to quickly identify inaccuracies and establish the sales' health.

A proof of this management system is that it is currently being used by one of the largest mobile carriers in Brazil, processing more than 3.7 million post-paid terminal invoices per month, representing more than 350GB data.
Advantages of the system
Data Intelligence of the billing
Better control over billing cycles
Best profile analysis of the customer
Flexible reporting with easy and efficient control over the data
Generate custom reports
Best time-to-market
Simplified configuration process
Cost reduction
High performance system
Low demand of hardware
Quick deployment
Simplified administration
Facility to change settings
Reduction in time and cost of corrections in reprocessing
Low total solution cost
System documentation and support supplied in Portuguese, Spanish and English
CDR Reconciliation
Interconnect Billing
Management Reports
Solution Provider
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