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MVNO Solutions - One Stop Shop (OSS)
In search of technology solutions and innovation for the Brazilian telecommunications market, VSB has closed a partnership with a European group, with over 50 MVNOs in Europe, to bring the One Stop Shop (OSS) for Brazil.

With the expertise of VSB’s telecom business analysts, the OSS solution MVNO was fully adapted to meet the Brazilian market, for example local taxation and payment collection.

The OSS solution suite provides the necessary infrastructure and tools for implementing and operating an MVNO, which allows support to all kinds of virtual operators.
Advantages of the Solution
Enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to offer prepaid and postpaid wholesale services for MVNOs;
Provides (24 × 7 end-to-end) managed services and implementation of activities related the processes;
Provide maximum flexibility for MVNOs to protect the MNO’s network and systems;
Offer Value Added Services, such as mobile payment and invoicing, supporting the requirements of the MVNOs;
Banking MVNOs
Retail MVNOs
Transport MVNOs
Entertainment MVNOs
For the MVNOs, VSB also offers an Advanced and Intelligent Network Control System.
Other Advantages of the Solution
Multi-Tenancy Architecture: total control of marketing, provisioning, pricing, and customer care for the MVNOs;
Prepaid/Postpaid: for Voice, Data, SMS, real-time billing, provisioning, and Fraud Detection;
Service environment: an online tool that allows the user to customize queries and scenarios of calls, including IVR;
Self Care via Web, IVR, SMS
Multiple Recharge Systems: vouchers, account transfers, customized or in-house developed payment systems, IVR, SMS, top-ups;
Flexible Pricing Plan, based on duration, event, or volume;
Number Identification: Intelligent Dynamic Routing and call selection;
Number Portability: management of ported numbers.
Our MVNO OSS Solution is a tool fully prepared to provide MVNOs maximum flexibility based on operational performance, real-time billing, invoicing and other services.
VSB has the right solution for any organization that wants to successfully operate an MVNO in the Brazilian market. Please contact us for more information.
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