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Interconect Billing
VSB has advanced in the concept of traditional system of interconnecting Billing. Introducing modern ideas and practices with revolutionary solutions, VSB changes the traditional relationship between the carriers. Our Interconnect Billing is a creative solution that offers pricing, calculation and management of records for interconnection, working in an innovative way so that the carrier can draw on the widest possible range of information to manage their multiple scenarios of interconnections.

It offers flexibility, ease of use and rapid implementation. It also points distortions in the routing of calls and suggests alternatives to be taken and the ideal treatment to correct them.

Our Interconnect Billing improves the control of the carriers, performing a complete audit on their network. It allows the visualization of the calls' distribution and suggests the most suitable for the network optimization.
Advantages of the system
Quick implementation (within 50% lower compared to other solutions on the market)
Intelligence in Data Interconnection
Custom reports
Reports for planning and network optimization to reduce interconnection costs
Better control over the interconnection
Best “Time-to-market”
Capable of processing more than 1 billion records per day
Relying on a rate of data compression to reduce volumes of storage utilization
Simplified configuration, flexible and easy to change to adapt to market dynamics
Reduction of costs
High performance system
Low demand of hardware
Simplified administration
Total cost of the solution is low
System documentation and support supplied in Portuguese, Spanish and English
CDR Reconciliation
Interconnect Billing
Management Reports
Solution Provider
Almirante, MultiComunicação