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CDR Reconciliation System
VSB is a pioneer in the development of the most complete and accurate CDR Reconciliation System in the market. The system's concept adopts an unprecedented analysis of the records, allowing a fast and reliable check on the discrepancies between the carriers' amounts (interconnection and co-billing), reducing the time and operational effort for the defense, audit and solve. The CDRs Reconciliation System offers as an additional possibility to identify possible scenarios of loss of CDRs (Call Detail Records) in the carriers' internal systems, allowing them to fix and minimizing the risk of lost revenue. The customer can define and classify the criteria of analysis for each scenario, identifying whether they are valid or not and what action should be taken.

With VSB’s system, the carriers are able provide reliable information to work on their customers loyalty, improving their profitability (revenue assurance) and expanding the supply of products and services.

With flexible, dynamic and practical configuration, VSB’s product reduces and facilitates bureaucratic processes adding important information to business intelligence company.
Advantages of the system
It can be used with large amount of data in a simple, easy, trustful and flexible way.
Reduce the time and operational effort to solve financial disputes in Interconnection and Co-billing.
Identify scenarios where exist potential losses of CDRs, ensuring revenues.
Flexible parameterization of criteria in the process of conciliation, offering:
Layout of CDR's files
Number of files of each carrier involved in the dispute
Reconciliation Criteria (which fields must be used to link the data)
Validation criteria
Validation of the Duration Tariff (recalculation of values)
Analysis of results that are flexible and agile
Support on the Analysis of Results
System documentation and support supplied in Portuguese, Spanish and English
CDR Reconciliation
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Management Reports
Solution Provider
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